Make the New Year a Snap! Polaroid Camera Giveaway!

New Year Photo Fun! Polaroid Camera Giveaway

The new year is just around the corner! As we end 2016 and start 2017 let’s start out with some awesome goals, inspirations and fun giveaways! This new Polaroid camera has totally made a comeback from the old Polaroid cameras we remember in the 70’s. The ones we ‘shook for a few minutes’ for the photo to develop faster (note, that doesn’t really help it develop faster). Capture your friends, family, beautiful sunsets, all your travel memories  and more and have the photo ready in minutes! Plus the photo has a removable back to make it a sticker.


Now the new Polaroid has a instant camera that prints on sticker paper. The camera needs no ink and no toner. When you use up the paper simply but buy more paper. No other supplies needed. The camera is easy to charge, has a flash and a magnetic lens cover. You can order more Polaroid photo paper on Amazon too.


Winner will receive one Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera with LCD Display with Zink Zero Ink Printing Technology.

Keep it for yourself. Gift it for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, wedding.


Polaroid Camera giveaway winner must be of the age 18-years-old, or older, to enter. Must live in the Continental U.S. Camera is available in six colors. The color sent by sponsor is random. Retail value is approximately $179.99.

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25 thoughts on “Make the New Year a Snap! Polaroid Camera Giveaway!

  1. Just saw one of these over the holidays so fun learning more about them. Photos are a bit small would be the only negative but perfect for stickers.

  2. My favorite part of Christmas is just spending time with friends and family!
    Loving this Polaroid product, what a fun and instant way to share memories. This would make a perfect gift.

  3. It’s great that Polaroids are making a comeback. My parents had one when I was a kid, and remember how amazing I though it was that the camera produced a photograph instantly. My young nieces have one of these new Polaroids that they use all the time and love. Great contest giveaway!

  4. This is so fun! I’ve always wanted a polaroid camera! It’s such a great way to get a memory instantly! I want one for meeting friends or locals while traveling so I can give them a photo immediately!

  5. This is amazing! It would be a perfect addition to fit my blogging needs. And they are all so cute, I absolutely love the white one and black one though.

    My favourite part about Christmas is just having some free time with no obligations and quality rest as well as some of my favourite treats. Pretty mundane, I know. 2016 has been a great year, but I hope 2017 will bring more adventures and finally launching my personal design business.

  6. I love that the Polaroid are making a come back!!! I did a Polawalk tour in Vienna last summer and I am convince I need a Polaroid again, specifically to travel with. Now is my chance :)!

  7. Ahh I once met a girl in Alaska who took a photo of me with a polaroid. It was at a glacier and I still have the picture somewhere. These cameras are awesome!

  8. It’s interesting how Polaroids are making a comeback. I was in a store today and made note of them. I have several Polaroid photos from my childhood. Interesting how things go around and make a come back after a period of time. There’s so many fun things you can do today with our smart phones, etc… and now toss in a Polaroid and the creative juices start flowing.

  9. Such a great piece of machinery. I think it’ll be immensely helpful on your travels. You can click pictures of/with locals or people you meet on the road and give it to them as a gift. It can also help be an ice-breaker. Who doesn’t like their picture taken?

  10. I’ve always wanted a Polaroid camera for when I travel in off the beaten track places in developing countries and take pictures to people who I randomly meet. Giving them the picture would make them really happy, as they never have internet connection and I can0t send them the pictures by email

  11. I have been seeing this around a lot. I am so happy to see they are making a comeback. I think they will definitely serve a purpose especially now that you can create a sticker of the photos you have taken.

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