Mobile Photography: Leading Lines

Throughout this past year we’ve been going over Mobile Photography. The best camera is the one you have with you right? While we have covered some of the basics of operating a camera, the basis for taking a good picture to a great picture is composition. We covered basic composition in our last post (See Mobile Photography: The Rule of Thirds) as well as showing you how to use the grid lines on your phone to help you break up the screen and use the rule of thirds effectively. We’ve also went over basic exposure and focus techniques to capture our viewers attention and imagination (See Mobile Photography: Advanced Exposure and Focus). This lesson we bring in a little composition trick called “leading lines” to help you grab the attention of anyone viewing your photographs.

Leading lines

If there is any way to draw our viewer into your image, there’s no better way to do it than by providing them a path to follow. A “leading line” is just that. It is line that leads the viewer’s eye from one point in the photograph to another. The age old classic is railroad tracks. Sure, it’s a bit cliche but it’s a perfect example of the concept…

Mobile Photography Leading LinesBeyond the cliche, there are all sorts of examples of this concept. You’ll be amazed at what you find when you start looking around for them. In the following examples, you can see they’re everywhere! The Lincoln Memorial, the road, and on the beach(the fence). Other examples you’ll find are railings, fence lines, roads, trails, etc…

Mobile Photography Leading LinesMobile Photography Leading LinesMobile Photography Leading LinesMobile Photography Leading Lines

Leading lines are great for capturing your viewer’s attention but the real strength lies in their ability to lead your viewer to the subject of your image. In this example, The dock is used to direct your eyes towards the subject, which is the girl at the end of the pier.

Mobile Photography Leading Lines


Now that we know what Leading Lines are and how to effectively use them in our photographs, let’s do it. Tag your photos with #JoeographyLL and share them on Instagram and I’ll select a few of my favorites in the next mobile photography post. Speaking of next time, I’ll be sharing a few more composition tips with you. Until next time, #NeverStopExploring

3 thoughts on “Mobile Photography: Leading Lines

  1. Really interesting and useful series! Mobile photography is a real thing now with people even making exhibitions and selling their photos as canvas art.
    I’ve never thought of the leading lines though sometimes I make the composition in this way without thinking. You’ve provided some amazing photos as examples!

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